Hi all - I've recently submitted my first Theme and Plugin to the WP Directories. So in the meantime, as I'm waiting (read: hoping) for approval, I'd love to have some people (read: experts) take a look and offer any feedback for future updates. The Theme is a responsive Boostrap deal that's tailored for creating video gallery type sites. The Plugin is a "Video Curator" that makes it easy to create posts from YouTube and Vimeo videos. They work together or independently depending on your needs. What are the best places to look for people who might be interested in trying it out and giving feedback, and perhaps writing a review down the road? Thanks for any pointers, TL P.S. If anyone here would like to give either the Theme and/or Plugin a whirl please shoot me a note.

You can try here, there will most likely be some 'experts' in the mix of people that check it out.

Also, I would do a search through Clarity for 'wordpress' or 'video' and book a call with someone that's an expert in the field. Send a link via a Clarity message and they might have time to check it out briefly before your call, and then they can also go through it with you on the call.

Other than that, you could google blogs about wordpress plugins and contact them.

best of luck,


Answered 5 years ago

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