I want to become an affiliate and build a website. I want to work hard and make it a success. But I dont know what type of site to make or Niche to focus on. They say "Do what are you interested in" but when I research niches I like using Long Tail Pro everything seems brutally competitive. I made some Amazon stores but the earnings are tiny. Im afraid of spending years of time and money building a site only to find out its (yet another) failure or not a profitable area to be in. I know Wordpress and blogging but can work on any platform and different business model. But I dont know what site to make. How can I find a successful formula I can work?

I think we need to reframe the question around what audience do you want to serve? Who do you want to help? Focus on building the best possible resource to solve a certain problem, and trust that the money will follow.

One affiliate example I often point to is TripAdvisor. They didn't set out to "become an affiliate and build a website." They set out to build an authoritative brand in the travel space, and now earn a ton of money from flight and hotel bookings as an affiliate. They solve a specific problem (with my limited travel budget, what are my best options?) and found a way to monetize that.

Answered 5 years ago

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