My "pay the bills" job is a Financial Analyst, but my passion for the past 5+ years has been my startup. I've learned so many different skills running my own business from project management, SEO, sales, advertising, growth strategies, programming, localization, etc. but if my startup fails would companies hire / be interested in me for the knowledge I've acquired? I feel I am very knowledgeable in all different aspects of online startups, and can be very helpful to other companies; however, I also get the feeling that businesses would see my failure in my startup as a flaw.

Most startups if businesses see your failure as a flaw then you probably don't want to be working for them as well. There was a reason Facebook's internal mantra use to be Build Fast and Break Things (until they scaled). At the end of the day your failures are what will really define you. How do you bounce back? What did you learn? I believe you would be able to find a job easily. However, the question, a person on a marketing, sales, pm team may really wonder is why you leave your passion of being an entrepreneur to sit at someone else's desk other than to collect a check? It has nothing to do with failure and everything to do with are you really passionate.

Answered 5 years ago

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