I am creating a simple service company in Plumbing and Service market, local in Los Angeles, with ready business to be inherited by parent companies. I want to see if I can utilize a crowdfunding platform to raise funds for acquisition of a small, or multiple, operations. We have good return and yield, licenses and we can capitalize, but we would like to test this method for a larger upcoming project.

I launched AutoPilotPR last year to do this one thing: manage successful rewards based crowdfunding campaigns. I have studied hundreds (successes and failures) and learned a few things in the process. I did the first campaign for myself in 2011 and forever fell in love! I have helped other people raise over $1.5MM and am happy to share the highlights. But first, allow me say that some good insight has been shared so far, I would also add that for rewards based crowdfunding we have found that kickstarter is the better choice for businesses (80/20 Rule). We look for reasons not to use kickstarter, but assume from the start it will make the most sense. See the restrictions on their site, or give me a call.

Answered 5 years ago

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