When we started our startup 4 years ago in the ed-tech space, I was very passionate about it. We built a great product which people are using and we scaled up at a very fast pace. We also have the full support of our investors. However, due to ongoing conflicts with my co-founder I don't feel passionate about my startup anymore. I feel like I work for my co-founder and have no sense of ownership now. We have tried to sort out our conflicts many times but it's getting worse everyday. Now I'm thinking quitting would be a better option for me, since at least it will give me peace of mind. However I am completely clueless about what my next career move should be and how should I prepare for it. I have total of 10+ year of experience in web/mobile enabled technologies. One thing I am sure of is that I don't want to create a startup as of now. What would be some good career routes for me to move on to?

I have lost passion at least 100 times. It happens and the situation you find yourself in can make it challenging for you to care. I totally get that.

If you are planning on getting out, I would try to position yourself so you have some time to regroup. If you are in a position to do so, I would spend the next year reading, traveling, meeting with people, having discussions, sleeping, and thinking.

My best ideas have came from times where I walked away from other things that were not working for me any longer. It takes time for our minds to detach from the things that are dragging us down. If you are like me, at that time I was working too much and not giving myself time for growth. Stopping everything and focusing on myself and my family renewed me and allowed me to once again access parts of my mind that were bogged down with everything I had lost interest in.

Hope that helps.

Answered 5 years ago

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