I have done all the keywords and seo but still seems to be wrong. Whats the effective and easy way to go about this. Google analytics classes seem so hard to understand.

Hey! That's a great question and of course there are many answers but I'll give you my two cents based on my expertise and hope it will help you on your way...

If you want to drive traffic the fastest way possible, you can use various paid methods like Facebook Ads or Google Adwords.

They are both very good tools and the cost per clic is quite low compared to other traditional methods of getting "eyes".

I prefer these methods when starting out because SEO can take a long time and effort, while paid advertising can get you in front of the right people. You can choose specific demographics by age, interests, behaviors, etc and show your work to people who may actually be interested.

It is important to have a purpose for all that traffic: think about how you are going to convert them to customers (ideally that is what you want). Then create a way for them to convert on your site. ONLY then, pay for traffic.

As far as SEO goes, it is good to do it anyway because you'll reap the benefits later. Make sure you create quality content that people actually want to consume (read, watch, listen to, etc).

I hope this helps, let me know if you need additional assistance.

Answered 7 years ago

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