Currently we are UK based and we would like to go global. Our software offers various lending products such as Peer-Peer Crowd funding Micro Loans (Installment, term, payday) Gaurantor loans BuyNowAndPayLater Credit broker to name few

This product is very interesting. I would love to learn more. I am Arizona based Strategy professional, as in I am an actual graduated strategy professional, not just a self touting one.
I honestly, don't see any difference in what you are selling whether is white label or not. I know there is a fundamental difference in use, but when it comes to selling this companies the white label is a huge plus, seems like you just need a good sales team. I would love to help you get a foot in the U.S. starting with Arizona, since this is where I live. Give me a call or email and I will gladly follow up.

Lead generation is relatively easy, is capturing good leads that are easily closed is different, the beauty of b2b is that you can call, visit, email, schedule...

Answered 6 years ago

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