Does anyone have any ideas how we can track yearly contract renewals? We've been setting reminders through our CRM to follow-up with clients when it's time to renew their 12-month contract, but we're very concerned that we could have a few clients slip through the cracks, and we forget to get them locked into another 12-month contract. This has happened a few times. Any small agency tools available to manage this type of task? Also, what is the easiest way to track client renewals? Because we get customers signed into 12-month contracts, but they all have different renewal dates, is this just a fact that we have to continue contacting different clients at various times of the year to get them renewed. Ultimately, we're trying to figure out the best way to streamline our processes, and we'd welcome some great feedback from the clarify community.

Hey there,

I trust that your CRM is robust enough to trigger some workflows and automated steps.

I would recommend you have an automated series of reminders to both your customer AND their respective relationship manager that fire as the client approaches their end of contract. To your internal staff, getting notified that a customer is opening/clicking on resources included in their reminder emails would be recommended, or if a client has NOT taken any action, to notify more than one member of your staff to ensure that these folks are not falling between the cracks. Additionally, monitoring and being notified of actions of the client, such as visiting your FAQ page or pricing page on your website provides helpful context for your sales team when reaching out.

Again, I think it is just as important to nurture the client as they approach this date, they should really be able to see the value of working with you and make the decision to continue their partnership with you regardless of the contract.

I'd love to help you more with this, let's set up a call if you have specific questions.

All the best,

Answered 7 years ago

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