What are the systems that business coaches follow for their success?

I'm getting so many Ads on Facebook about coaches who can help us create a 7 figures business or close clients using their systems. What are those systems? any examples or samples? where do I find such systems?


Buy targeted traffic.

Describe the targeted traffic's problem in such detail that they instantly understand you know their market and their situation.

Get the prospect to get on a strategy call with you.

Sign them up for the coaching or service.

That's it.

Where's the problem? A lot of these "coaches" shouldn't be doing it. They have no experience and no ability. But they learned this system, and if they can talk confidently, they can get orders.

All they needed to start was a pot of money. They paid another coach to learn the system (sometimes up to $50K+50% of their business, which would be fine for a legitimate, established operation but is highway robbery for newbies) and be given the marketing materials to attract prospects. Then they paid for the targeted advertising.

What's funny is seeing their bitchy comments about prospects not showing for strategy calls, or them being so nervous they can't close. Further proof that they have zero business offering "coaching" in the first place.

It is not rocket science, and it is the latest fad that will be dead in two years when the market is so oversaturated people will have to completely change their language, as they had to for SEO services, to get customers.

I've been here doing real business consulting for a long time before it became trendy, and I'll be doing it long after these poseurs are gone.

Answered 7 years ago

The term "systems" is overused to say the least. In the context of the Facebook ads you're seeing you can consider their systems paid webinars, videos, ebooks, masterminds and/or a combination of any (or more) of these.

The systems that business coaches use vary greatly from no system at all to being part of a high cost/high-value group like the one run by Taki Moore ( I am very familiar with Taki and what he teaches and think it is a fantastic "system".

The bottom line is, the Facebook Ads are nothing more than a targeted billboard.


Answered 7 years ago

Well, it's an advertising buzzword at this point, because the word "system" sounds efficient.

But usually what those coaches mean by it is that they help small businesses streamline their lead generation by teaching them how to put in place automated marketing and sales processes – usually involving content marketing, email sequences/drip marketing, automated webinars, and other tools that don't require full-time human attention and help populate a sales pipeline.

It's not a bad word per se, but do always check what their "system" is based on, just to make sure that all you get isn't obvious information that you could have gotten for free.

Answered 7 years ago

I believe that coaching is just delicate form of management, therefore it can have the same six styles:
1. The coercive style demands unquestioning and immediate compliance.
2. The authoritative style takes a firm, but fair approach aimed at taking followers with the leader.
3. The affiliative style puts people first and has creating a sense of community at its heart.
4. The democratic style is focused on feedback and seeks to involve people’s views.
5. The pacesetting style demands high performance and is strongly focused on achievement.
6. The coaching style seeks to develop people by focusing on strengths and weaknesses of people.
Besides if you do have any questions give me a call:

Answered 2 years ago

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