I own a recording studio. I'm trying to set up a company protocol in preparation for franchising my business. This would basically be a guidelines on how to treat customers, how to set up equipment, how franchises should look, etc. I would like to learn more about how companies give over their systems when selling a franchise. I searched a lot online but couldn't find any resources on this. Is it through video training? Tests? How do they assure that the franchises remember - and act on - the protocol ?

Like one of the other people mentioned - have you worked on a "proof of concept" - that this is actually a viable concept. The amount of upfront work when developing a franchise systems can be quite substantial - as well as costly. That does not mean you shouldn't research it.

I am not an expert on your particular category (recording studio/music) - but I have franchised two (2) of my own businesses - and many others through my coaching services - so I know what systems you need to have in place for franchise recruiting/development/training/support/marketing etc..

I am not sure of your location - and how far along in your "vision" of franchising. If you could provide more details - I can offer more suggestions specific to your needs.

Answered 5 years ago

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