I see a lot of new great gadgets, advanced cleantech products, or to speak in general terms, a great number of technology-based startups who have a hard time selling outside their country or traditional markets. So I wonder if there is a way to setup a company that, say, identifies great gadgets, then approaches those startups and helps them boost and growth hack their sales internationally. In short, how do you growth hack, or, for those despising this term, boost sales for non-internet startups?

You'll need to get much more specific.

WHO is the audience?

WHY would they want these "gadgets"?

What problems are you solving, for what audience, that they will pay you to fix?

Do you know what size problem warrants your involvement?

Honestly, your question is so vague right now it can't clearly be answered. Niche it down. You're matching up a buyer with a seller. Who are these people?

Answered 7 years ago

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