I'm looking for a personal finance solution with artificial intelligence, does something like this exists?

I'm looking for something like Mint with some sort of machine learning to manage multiple personal investments. Basically I want the system to tell me what's happening with my assets (I have money invested in 2 banks and I have a house). I'm not rich but I'm sick of dealing with financial advisors, they are all sales people. All the time I try to understand what is going on with my money they start pitching why I will be rich if I leave my money on the stock market. I'm having some good returns on some funds, but I really wanted to manage my personal finance like a business, so for ex. comparing whether or not I should be investing my money on real estate or keep it on the market, or compare the fees I'm paying for each investment bank. I have some decent excel and math knowledge but I hate spending too much on manual repetitive spreadsheet work.

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