I'll soon be looking for a web designer to relaunch my website. I'm hoping to find someone who can not only handle the design, but the actual implementation. Eventually, I'd like this site to be able to support eLearning, online paid-for content. I've used Freelancer, Crowdspring, DesignCrowd for small design projects with varying levels of success. Any platforms you would recommend to track down high quality freelance web developers?

Depending on what you need, you'll probably want to look at actual agencies. A single freelancer is unlikely to have the complete spectrum of skills you'll need, and unless you're looking to hire someone full-time, you'll probably have trouble retaining a single freelancer for a long period of time without conflicts.

A mid-sized agency like the one I started (and later sold) specializes in designing and building sites. Their specialty is marketing and client acquisition, so they wouldn't be much help for the custom stuff later down the road — but that may not be an issue now.

Another option may be to use a high-end development talent agency like — this company hires out very good developers, but you'll pay a premium.

Like anything, you'll get what you pay for. Sometimes you'll get lucky on Elance, but you take on a lot of risk for the lower price.

A mid-range agency has lower risk, but may lack full-stack capabilities.

A high-range agency can solve all your problems, but you'll pay top dollar for it.

I have a lot of experience screening and recruiting talent for projects in the mid-to-high range, so if you'd like to discuss strategies, let me know.

Good luck!

Answered 7 years ago

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