I've experienced working at very structured companies which things move really fast and projects are closed well (lots of MBAs, VPs and project managers), that company was not a tech company, but I've noticed that the output of the work in terms of quality and innovation really sucked. People had a "factory worker" mindset, just keep doing the same stuff even if things were failing until someone at the upper management decided a different thing. I came back to a company that I worked a few years ago which I love, that has lots of engineers and makers (designers, tech support with technology background). They create a lot of amazing things, but things move very slowly and we are not growing fast enough. I've watched this: and I was really surprised by Mailchimp's culture. How can slow company move faster without hiring stupid people that just put pressure and make people's lives miserable? Can a company move faster using more analytics? Note: it's not Saas but hardware and offline software.

It IS about hiring. And that comes from the attitude of the leadership. If you have lazy workers, have a look at the hiring leaders.

You can easily adapt methodologies like SCRUM or SREDIM to your situation:

Instead of project manager, the team members can assign roles--advocacy roles--to themselves.

Answered 7 years ago

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