What are some of the best tools you'd recommend for getting more visibility/followers/engagement for social media, specifically Twitter? We know that having a great content & community engagement strategy in place is critical, but also realize there is a lot we don't know about additional software, services, etc that can accelerate things. What tools can help enhance our efforts?

Hi! Happy to answer this question. Initially, I'd ask "what are you tracking at present?" And "what are your goals?"

Software wise, I love to use a few tools for Twitter. Hootsuite to schedule relevant content (and not all tweets should be scheduled--happy to touch on this more), Tweetreach to get a feel for impressions/influencers who HAVE been engaging (in my mind, impressions are KEY, more so than Follower count because hashtags can help you reach more people) and Sprout Social for a more in depth view of your Twitter analytics.

Getting more visibility/followers: what hashtags are you using? How often do you acknowledge those who follow you (new followers vs existing followers)?
Are you just sharing autoscheduled content and links OR are you creating conversations?
Hashtags wise: find those that have a community already centered around them! *You don't want to "hashtag hijack" however, tags like #smallbiz #blogchat #_________ specific to your industry or ideal client's industry can go a long way.

Other tools that people use to track community and engagement include Sum All, and Commun It

Once you start tracking impressions (and monitoring growth vs plateaus) you can then go back and look at your content to see which posts generated the most response/engagement. Again, just want to emphasize that creating conversations and asking questions are great methods to do all of the things you are looking to accomplish.

Answered 7 years ago

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