I am a startup mentor and business consultant for early stage startups.

There are different approaches which might work here. For $20/deal it's not very much you can do to close deals and it is questionable if you should get sales reps with such a deal size.

So, if you can't get reps....what can you do?

There are two questions here which you should answer before hand to get a better understanding of your sales:

1) How do you determine whether your leads have real potential and are ready to close the deal?

This questions is quite important, because you don't have the time and recourses to follow up on leads which don't have any potential or are not fitting your own profile. You should definitely take a look into lead nurturing/scoring and make sure that you pre-filter your leads and break them down into the leads which have a high chance to buy your product.

2) How do leads reach you?
There are various sales workflow products which will help you send out some automatic emails.

I hope that this will offer you some more insights. Feel free to reach out to me, so I can answers your questions more specific.

Answered 6 years ago

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