We got featured in a few mid-sized tech/gaming blogs, but that won't be enough to take it off the ground. Conversion rate once someone lands on the campaign is ~3%. We got over 600 visits so far in the first 18 hours.

Great Question! Few tips that I’d offer are:

1. To get a dedicated domain that you can have re-direct to the campaign page. So while you currently have, purchase another to drive traffic directly to the campaign so any media, YouTube personalities, etc can just drive people to that domain.

2. Talk to people! Coffee shops, doctor’s office, and twitter! Of course there’s lots of places to talk to people, but build an army of people that talk about what you’re doing anytime they see someone within your target market using an iPad. If you’re wanting more online, reach out to key influencers on snapchat, instagram, etc.

If you have more specific questions or would like customized advice for your campaign, I’d be honored to help you and your team with clarity, just give me call! Wish you the best on your campaign.

Answered 6 years ago

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