There are different companies that I want to contact to see if I could setup a strategic partnership with, where both of us would benefit. However, I want to avoid having to do a rev/profit share partnership because I feel if we both benefit in increased revenues through this partnership why would I have to make a rev/profit deal. Also, what are some of the most common strategic partnership agreements that usually take place? Are they normally a rev/profit share deal?

If you are really investing in a strategic partner (one that will provide mutual benefit in the end, either in terms of revenues, access to financing or other resources) then revenue sharing isn't absolutely necessary. In the partnerships I help to form, they are often around shared value ( which means shared revenue isn't the absolute aim. What is the aim, however, is sharing information, knowledge, technical assistance, operational help, etc) and build a lasting framework for engagement together into the future that will benefit both parties. I am happy to help you negotiate these types of partnerships (it's what I do!) so feel free to get in touch.

Answered 7 years ago

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