This is a real question. I'm an experienced entrepreneur, business coach (local) and small cap investor. I have business and engineering education as well as art (i love painting) I respond to a lot of my relatable questions posted here on Clarity. My expertise is in marketing, business dev & ideation with a lot of experience in sales. As a consultant however I know that my expertise does not lie in leveraging Clarity, but is something I would like to do more. I promote it on my own too (although not as much) I can't seem to convert any leads into calls immediate calls! Does anyone have any suggestions? What has worked for you best? Changes in profile? Pricing? I would really appreciate it!

I would love to know what others say in response to this question. I am facing the same challenge. Seems more folks need to know about the potential for growth with Clarity?

Answered 6 years ago

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