We are a IT company and we are looking to set an alliance specific strategy with the DCA. We are not dependent on the DCA for any of our internal developments since we are an asset light startup with an acceptable team. The reason for our interest in such an alliance with the DCA is their asset heavy structure at the present moment and coming future developments. Is something like this possible? Has this type of strategic alliance happened before? Never heard of this type of thing happening with DCAs before so I figured I'd ask the good people over at for feedback. Have a great day! Manuel

Hi Manuel. While I have never structured partnerships between companies and DCA's, I have worked on many strategic alliances with govt agencies (or the like) and companies. Increasingly this is becoming more and more common. Which State are you in? It may be worth reaching out via your network to explore who the right people are within the org to discuss. From there you can get a better idea of where the real opportunity is for future engagement. Realize that these types of partnerships do take time but will be worth it in the end. Happy to discuss further if you are interested!

Answered 7 years ago

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