I just recently started as an intern on an innovative swedish mobile health company, and my responsibility at the moment is to handle the marketing for one of their projects: A Sleep Aid app that helps people suffering from sleeping disturbances as well as prevent people from getting it in the first place. As this internship is a 3 months trial (1 month have already passed, so only 2 more to go) I will need to show that I can bring in revenue for the company, and the quickest way for that to happen is to start collaborate with insurance companies so that the app and the service that comes with it can be available to the insurance companies clients. I have a great deal of knowledge and quite a lot of experience in marketing, but I'm very new to the area of insurance companies. The most usual treatment today for sleeping disturbances is medication, and to my knowledge there are barely any effective treatments out there (at least in Sweden.) I don't know if insurance companies differs a lot depending on what country it is. What way/s could be effective to reaching out to the insurance companies and make them interested? Any help is very appreciated! Best regards, Gabriel

Start by getting a doctor to 'sponsor' you - to recommend it to their patients. Give them a few for free so their patients can try it out - which will get the physician sold on it.

Meanwhile, also start reaching out to the right people in the appropriate insurance companies through LinkedIn and via email. You may also want to connect with people who have been in Insurance - like Jeff, Daniel, Craig, or Liran here:

When you reach out to executives in insurance, keep it personal, and tell them you are looking for their advice. I have a 12 step system to walk you through the sales process once you get a call lined up, but to get you started you could read The Little Red Book of Selling (quick read) or The New Strategic Selling (dense but invaluable). SNAP Selling is good too. Remember, this is all about relationships, so start with personal.

InMails recently changed to make it easy for you to keep costs down for outreach. As long as you get a high response rate, your cost of $10 per unanswered InMail will go a long way. If you can't use InMails, try sending samples with testimonials and call them to discuss the day after you expect them to receive it. Use FedEx sign on delivery to increase the chance it gets to them instead of a mail room or secretary.

Answered 8 years ago

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