What would be best practice for creating a calendar for launching content...should best content be released first or space in lesser value content?

This is in regards to a blog and although I am not completely limited in content, I think that all the heavy cards should be thrown on the table to make the biggest initial splash. What parts if not all is accurate or inaccurate


At Bearpaw Partners we get asked the question about content related posts all the time. As we all know Google loves fresh, compelling content. It sounds like you have plenty of content, just make sure its extremely relevant to the topic you are posting about. How often are you planning on blogging? Once a week, once a month? We would advise you to keep some of your powder dry and not fire off all the best content right away. Pending events may happen that you can capitalize on by posting some great content and piggy back on the "event". You also need to play around with the schedule to see when you get the most hits to the of week, time of day, season etc. There are other variables you should consider as well to really nail down your question. Feel free to ask away. Hope that helps.

Answered 6 years ago

When you plan your calendar, plan for a ratio of 'value content' spread over a time period. For example, 4 value posts, 2 reference posts, and 1 book review in a month. It gives you the balance, variety, and the flexibility to adapt anything new that you may want to post along the way.

What you consider as your best value content today, may grow in next few weeks. It is true for other writers on board. So, plan for the right mix (ratio) in your calendar!

Answered 6 years ago

Decide on an annual theme that tracks back to your product or service. Produce 4 quarterly white papers (which require registration to download), promote these using monthly blog post extracts and promote those with weekly tweets and status updates. Happy to advise further. Good luck.

Answered 6 years ago

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