Let us look at the following photography business models:
1. “Shoot and Burn” Photography Business Model: You’re shooting a lot of sessions at low prices and giving your clients a thumb drive of their digital images or putting them up on a gallery to download the digital files. You are charging few hundred dollars for your services and most of your clients never order any prints or products from you because they the digital files are what they want. You get little fulfilment from your work or your relationships with your clients because you are too busy to pour into them.
2. Boutique Photography Business Model: On the other side of the fence is the boutique photography business model. This is where you are taking on fewer clients, but you are extremely high touch with your clients. They receive an exceptional experience throughout the entire process as you create heirloom quality artwork for the walls of their homes. Walmart prides itself on being the low-price leader. You can get pretty much everything and then some at Walmart. Their products are not bad quality either. There just isn’t a lot of product options to choose from and you’re not going to be getting help from someone knowledgeable about that product and it’s always a race to get in and out of the store in the fastest time possible. Now let us say you want to buy a mountain bike. You can always go to Walmart because they carry bikes. If you are not picky about what kind of bike you take home, then that might work for you, but do not expect much more.
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Answered 8 months ago

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