How do I correctly bottle my new food product? It's a startup venture. I am bottling a type of syrup into 8oz bottles.

I'm currently manufacturing product out of our home kitchen as well as a certified kitchen. I want to ship the product and store inventory but I need to seal the product/bottle otherwise it needs to be refrigerated constantly. Help??


From your question it appears you want a shelf-stable (no refrigeration required) product with a long shelf life. There are a number a factors that will determine your products shelf life, to be clear, adding a seal is not the only requirement to create a shelf-stable product. The good news is that syrup has a low water activity, which means it will be easier for us to make it shelf-stable. My recommendation is to hot fill this product and use an induction seal. This process would then need to be validated with appropriate microbiological and sensory testing.

I can setup a process that will create the product you desire with a shelf life that you and your customers would be happy with. If you would like to go into detail I would be happy to schedule a call.

Answered 7 years ago

My family and I own a fourth-generation syrup manufacturing business, and I can directly help you with this question if you'd like to move to a more industrial process. Glad to discuss further if I can be helpful.

Answered 6 years ago

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