My company has a new mobile chat SDK/library for mobile game developers. It's free and we share revenue on native ads. I'm trying to find ways to get in front of developers to discuss our product and hopefully get them on the platform.

I have done lots of inbound and outbound campaigns during last 3 years to partner with international mobile development companies and mobile app/game publishers. In addition I have worked myself as an inside sales manager at a medium size mobile and web company for over a year.

While all of the above mentioned strategies are valid and can work to market your chat SDK I have found that cold email and LinkedIn have the highest ROI if you are targeting tech decision makers. To give you a more detailed example my current cold email campaign has 43% response ratio out of 266 international mobile ad networks reached including the top ones.

The positive response ratio is over 29% to schedule calls and present them a demo of our mobile video player SDK.

My project is still ongoing since July and can message me for more details of our case study or call to give the best pitch and follow-up tips.

Kind Regards,
CEO at Incredo

Answered 6 years ago

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