I've heard generally that Costco's shoppers tend to be more affluent and skew toward business owners. What are some more specific demographic details on Costco's shoppers? What about other wholesale clubs?

COSTCO AFFLUENCE: You might be surprised to know that 54% of CostCo's Wholesale Club (CWC) members are considered wealthy, or "affluent", with only 15% just "getting by" or "poor".

BUSINESS VS CONSUMER: Approximately 24% businesses, 76% individual consumers. Even though business customers drive about 60% of CostCo's revenue, about half of that is for home use, so it's about 30% business revenue and 70% individual consumer revenue.

HOUSEHOLD: 35% of CWC members have 2 person households. 56% have three or more in their home.

I have a ton of paid tools at my disposal for market research. For much more detail on other demographic data for CWC, along with info from BJs and other wholesale clubs, set up a call with me on Clarity.

Answered 7 years ago

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