As far as I can tell, the only 100% accurate tracking is occurring with Facebook Mobile App Install ads since they have an integrated solution with the App store. But there are many 3rd parties that claim to do it, but my understanding is that it's a "correlative" confirmation, not a true confirmation. Which is the best?

It depends on what you are looking for. For example:
1. The tech-driven insurer Lemonade used Mixpanel to discover that many people visited its landing pages from a mobile device. Eager to drive those users to its app, the team redirected mobile visitors to download the app rather than go through the web flow, but this led to a steep decline in new user growth. With analytics, they could see users wanted to complete their actions on the web first. By improving their web flow for mobile and prompting users to download the app later in the process, the team increased installs.
2. The peer-to-peer shopping app Grabr did not initially know where its top users lived, or how they would use the app. “When you’re building something new, there are lots of unknowns,” said Christina Leigh Morgan, Marketing Director at Grabr. “We needed a way to eliminate the guesswork.” By tracking how users referred their friends, the team was able to improve its signup flow to earn twice as many referral app installs.
3. The messaging app Viber serves over one billion users around the globe and uses Mixpanel to track visitors beyond downloads to make sure they are successful. By A/B testing the buttons on users’ keyboards, the team was able to increase messaging by 15 percent, keeping new users for longer, and giving them a chance to build a habit around messaging with Viber.
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