I just want to meet him for a quick coffee (I know time is valuable and when visiting from another country, these kind of people are generally open) and I do know some people that know the person I want to reach out to, but I don't know how to ask them.

Your assumption is not true. They don't care where you come from. Time is money regardless of where in the globe you come from.

Ask for advice not money if you are going in cold. Don't send your deck, don't attach anything to that email and make sure the email is max four short sentences.

Here is how to get a response:

Subject: Seeking advice


Line 1. Name.. working on a product in X space that does Y.
Line 2. I saw you have experience with X space and Y products.
Line 3. I would like your advice on (user acquisition, scaling, blah, blah). Make sure you do your homework on what area the investor is an SME.
Line 4. Ask one very specific question.

Thank you for your time


DONE! It works and if you want to talk I can explain further which VCs this has worked with.

As the saying goes ask for money you get advice. Ask for advice you get money.

In an ideal world you want to have a warm intro. But hey those are not always easy to come by so you do what you have to. What is the worst that can happen investor says no? Or doesn't respond? Who gives a shit you tried.

Answered 6 years ago

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