What are the Dos and Donts when hiring a creative to do graphic design?

I'm currently in the process of hiring a designer to design the logo for an app and I was wondering what kinds of things I should look out for while deciding on who to hire.


First, get a sense for what kind of design you like by looking on If you have any more q's, feel free to call me here on Clarity.

Answered 8 years ago

Allow for freedom. Designers flourish with freedom of expression. Explore their portfolio and make a decision based upon the idea that their artistic expression can move you vision forward.

Believe in them to create the experience you desire.

Answered 8 years ago

Obviously, their portfolio of past work is the best start. Although a designer can adapt their style to meet the needs of each client, you should see a design identity across the realm of their work. Does their past work *look like* the kind of work you are looking for in your brand identity?

A logo and an app icon are *very* different things. From a process perspective, if they suggest designing both the logo and the icon at the same time, they are inexperienced and should be avoided. A good designer should first want to iterate the logo in black & white without text. Once the logo, typeface and colors have been locked, then an app icon can be designed that is pixel-perfect.

I would suggest looking through Dribble to find someone with a great portfolio that includes app icons.

Happy to talk through this in a call if you need more clarity.

Answered 8 years ago

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