I think good life partners for entrepreneurs need patience and empathy. Being an entrepreneur is demanding and has its ups and downs, so you need to find someone who is understanding and supportive. Someone with flexible expectations is better able to cope with the lifestyle of an entrepreneur in terms of work life balance. For some people, it's nice to be with other entrepreneurs and startup founders when you can, but this can also be a recipe for disaster if you're both running on high energy all the time.

My boyfriend and I are both entrepreneurs (he founded a YC company and I am a consultant for startups).
We both value:

1) The ability to brainstorm with each other
2) Having someone who provides useful and genuine feedback about our ideas/products/strategies (even when it has sharp criticisms).
3) Having someone who drives you forward when your motivation is running low.
4) Balance. We both have a lot in common, but we aren't twins. He likes to procrastinate and I finish things early. I'm extroverted and he's introverted. While these are challenges for some, the differences in our personalities and life experiences are what enhances our relationship.

About Me:
I specialize in copywriting and sales/marketing consulting. I take the approach of an economist and apply that to my work to understand how to create persuasive messaging for target audiences. Check out for more information.

Answered 7 years ago

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