We are considering local businesses with an address that can only cater to local people. Main visibility is through a website (landing page) that explains well the business. Looking forward to ideas on how to get more leads. Special use case would be photographer services but open to other ideas for other kinds of local businesses.

Hello, I myself do not have much hands on experience with growth hacking , but I can offer some thoughts on the subject.
I'm not quite sure what you're looking for in terms of your question though? Are you looking for ideas or methods for growth using the growth hacker mentality for local brick and mortar businesses? Are you looking to bring these brick and mortar businesses online and increasing their lead captures?

If I were to take a local photography service and try to increase growth in a local area there would be a couple of things I would focus on when it comes to growth hacking.
The first thing I would look at is the actual product that is being offered. Then I would see if I could use the product itself to increase growth for itself. Make sense? What is the product of the photographer? I would think that the product would be the photos produced. So I would then figure out how I could use the photos to increase the photo shoots done with my photography studio. One way to do this may be to offer some sort of deal to people that share the photos on social media and get their friends and family to sign up. If I were the photographer I would tell my customers that if their friends and family like and comment on my Facebook page about their photos I would give their friends and family a free 8x10 photo on their first shoot. If 10 of their friends sign up for a shoot I would then give my original customer some sort of thank you in the form of free prints or something similar that makes sense for the business. Use the product to market itself.

Another thing I would be looking at is the distribution of my product. In the local scene I feel that online directories, live events, local media, and forming business partnerships are critical. If I were a local photographer I would be at as many local events as possible taking photos. I would then place these photos online where they could be viewed and purchased.

I do offer consulting in the area of local marketing and would love to chat with you in more detail about what you are looking to achieve. Schedule a time to talk. I'm sure we can come up with some great actionable ideas that can help with lead generation.

Answered 8 years ago

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