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Identify your top 5-10 most engaged users and help them become more involved with the company as brand ambassadors offering perks that make them feel valued and appreciated.

In my experience, we have been able to grow our travel company mostly via word-of-mouth by focusing our resources on those clients that have shown high interest in becoming more involved with the product/service.

Happy to chat further about this.

Good luck and have fun with it!


Here are my thoughts in no particular order:

Travel planning can be very stressful especially with all the endless options of places to visit. If you can save people time and take stress out, you are definitely on to something. As humans we tend to gravitate towards convenience all the time.
Have you experienced what you are recommending? People want to know if you have experienced these places, sites, accommodations that you are recommending in your itinerary.
I’d would also include: packing list, travel apps list, travel podcasts list, emergency contacts.
Can you introduce your travelers to locals? This is huge! People want to connect with the locals during their travels and if you can find a way to make this happen, they will love you forever.
Is this targeted towards Millennials?
Including flight prices is great, but remember that they fluctuate all the time. What about including a list of sites that provide great flight deals?
Travel is a communal activity. Can you introduce travelers to locals or travelers with other travelers?

Does this make sense?

Happy to jump on a call for any follow up questions.

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