Akinaw Bulcha (MBA, MA, PMP, PMI-ACP)Investment Strategist

Real estate executive, investment pro (2016 returns = 76%). Author of 7 books. I train entrepreneurs and investors how to think correctly about money and profit.

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Hello. I'm a real estate broker, investor, I've completed hundreds of real estate transactions and author of 5 books on investing. Based on my cumulative experience, I would never encourage investing in a region that an investor is unfamiliar. The common misconception is that real estate is easy when it is in fact a brutal business due to the use of leverage. Any miscalculation in your assumptions, will lead to losses. You have to understand the geography, the political climate, the neighborhood, understand where you are in the economic cycle, interest rates and determine if you are in the path of progress. I strongly suggest investing in your locality.

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