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Doing as suggested and just raising the price until your conversion rate goes down, is definitely one way to go shortterm. It is a simple approach, and you determine, what is the optimal price point.

However, it feels like more value is hidden here. A few ideas:
1. Think about changing it into subscriptions, so 4 postings a month cost f.ex. 50$ (or more depending on your newfound price point). Your model is very transactional, and a subscription model would give your more stability earnings; your customers would pay for capacity, not just for each individual post.
2. Understand what your advertisers get from posing through you. Traffic? Leads? Charge accordingly; leads are worth much more.
3. Understand your followers: Do segmentation, and offer analysis of the segments, that follow individual postings for an additional fee. You have monopoly on those data, and I am sure, that the businesses will pay you to understand, who your followers are and what they like.
4. Develop you model, so they pay for traffic: 10$ if you reach 5000 on day 1, and and additional 2$ for each extra 1000. They pay for more gain, and lower gain will not cost them.

Good luck with it! And reach out and let's talk, if you want to dive further into any of these ideas.

Best regards
Kenneth Wolstrup

I am so sorry for your loss. Sounds like a really bad and stressful experience.

I would suggest you contact a lawyer to understand, whether you have a case against the previous employee - either for wrongful termination of your mother or a consequence of the loss of benefits.

At this point in time, however unjust and frustrated you may feel, this is a legal matter, and a lawyer is your best bet to understand, if it is worth your while to pursue this.

I have found Mailchimp really easy to work in. Everything is integrated, it will collect mails - it just works.

Look into it - or set up a call, if you want some tips on how to get started.

Is your hesitation moral (you shall not cheat), or if the quality of the service from Meowessay? I can not help you with the last part, but I am sure, that if you search on Meowessay you would hear some war stories - good and bad.

I hope, you are thinking about the first part. And you should. If you can look yourself in the mirror, and truly say, that your circumstances justify this, then look into it. But one thing is your (potentially) guilty conscience; another is, that you will graduate with a degree, that you actually did not qualify for.

When you try to get a job afterwards, you run the risk of employees either thinking you are a fraud, or just haven't learned enough, if you can not talk about the subject, that Meow Essay solved for you.

Guilty conscience you can learn to live with, if you really want to - not getting hired will not bring you food on the table.

Depends on your platform. The more "online", you are, the shorter the patience from your customer. On emails, I am thrilled, if I get answer within 30 minutes. Happy within a couple of hours. Unhappy, if I don't get response on the same day; I will assume, you have forgotten about me.

I think all experience from marketing and sales is, that time is of the essence. So the sooner you solve a problem, the better.

I hope this answers your question. If not, feel free to set up a call to talk further.

Support Rachels suggestion: Establish good content showcasing your expertise (whitepaper, video or something similar) and set up a landing page (in Mailchimp or similar tool), where you ask for registration with mail in exchange for access to your contents. Thought leadership sells.

On top of registered mails/phonenumbers, you can follow up with a call to understand, how you can help. Then you know, you talk to the right people. That will take you much longer with cold-calling.

You can support it with a segmented campaign on f.ex. Linkedin, adds on Google, if you can pay for that. Otherwise, it is just your own postings on social media or websites, where your prospects are.

Good luck - and keep in touch, if you want to talk further.

Adding to Assaf's great suggestions, I will say, that you need to make it easy and hassle-free to interact with you. Easy decisions feel good, and your prospects will be busy people, that don't want to understand your technical challenges; they just want leads.

So if you provide good leads at a fixed price, and they have to do as little as possible, that will increase your chances of success.

Good luck with it - and keep in touch, if you want to discuss this further.

I note, that you prefer not to polute your new solution. That will reduce the subscription count, but if you get better leads, then that is fine.

One way would be to run a campaign on Linkedin or Facebook (depending on what you know, and where your audience is). There you can upload the single opt-in mailadresses, and campaign towards them. And then support that with a landing page with signup to your new environment.

You could also do "twin-identification" (at least on Facebook), where Facebook will match your audience with similar prospects based on demographics and interest.

You could also just import the 10.000 emailadresses in your new environment and give them a specific tag. Then you can easily delete them again, if they just continue to perform in the same way as they have always done.

There a many ways to do it, so good luck with your implementation. It would be a shame to just lose them.

If you want to, let's set up a call to discuss this further.

Best regards
Kenneth Wolstrup

Let your prospects identify themselves!
1. Write an interesting information product (10 ways your product helps public bathrooms), shoot a video where you demonstrate how it works, host a webinar.
2. Tease your information product in a campaign (could be on Linkedin as mentioned, or on some trade website) and target your campaign as well as you can.
3. Send prospects to a landing page (on f.ex. Mailchimp or similar), where they register with email-adress and other relevant information.
4. Share your information-product after registration, and follow-up with interesting content.

This should deliver a pipeline of leads to you, that allows you to sell your product to people, who already know about it.

Good luck with it - and set up a call if you want to talk more.

Best regards
Kenneth Wolstrup

If you have invited investors inside, they do what investors do: They protect their investment. They use the tools they know, which are most likely more short term than your time horizon.

If you want to retain your creativity, innovation drive and passion, build your own war chest, so you decide on your own burn rate; in that case, your burn your own money, which can be done at whatever speed you prefer.

You could also invite different investors, who will be more patient, or more in tune with the innovation drive you prefer.

But you are where you are, and must make the best of it. A few tips on that:
1. Allocate time for investors and innovation drive separately. They are two different mindsets. And you most likely need the investors to be happy, and they only ask questions if they are not. Tuesday and thursday for external stakeholders - monday, wednesday and friday for creativity.
2. Change your mindset with regards to the external stakeholders; maybe they have something valuable to offer you? Do they have some smart money-characteristics? Where are they coming from? Maybe they are not a "necessary evil".

Let's set up a call to discuss this mindset further. It will be easier for me to give you input, if I know your circumstances better.

Best regards
Kenneth Wolstrup

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