Ashkan Aghassi - Amazon Expert: Amazon FBA, New Product Launch, PPC, Growth Strategy, Conversion Optimization + eCommerce Shipping & LogisticsAmazon, eCommerce, and Shipping & Logistics Expert

Expert Amazon consultant and co-founder of a consulting agency that helps sellers launch and grow on Amazon. During my consulting career, I have launched and managed 7-figure Amazon FBA businesses of all kinds. Many of the products under my management have reached the #1 Best Sellers Rank (BSR) on

Currently the lowest-priced Amazon expert on Clarity, my main goal is to help and empower people to start their own Amazon businesses. I equally enjoy advising established Amazon sellers and seeing our conversations turn into growth and results.

I'm also an expert in international marketplaces, e-commerce shipping & logistics, product sourcing, ODM manufacturing, and more.

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I would definitely recommend ShipStation for your intended application. ShipStation can cover all your bases. It can quickly assign appropriate carrier / service levels to orders through automation rules, allocate and track inventory, and send customized tracking update emails to your customers. Once you're set up in ShipStation, they can introduce you to high-volume shipping services such as DHL eCommerce which will save you money on shipping.

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