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Well if you went the admitted route you would likely have to consider 50 varieties of your offering; one for each state. If you went the non-admitted route you could avoid most of this BUT sometimes the reputation of non-admitted is not as good since they do not fall under state guidelines. On the other hand, your company will fail if it does not take care of customers and pay claims so you should be able to avoid that problem.

I am regularly asked questions similar to this by new business owners or business owners expanding to a new venture. Insurance has many niches that exist in the commercial insurance space, this is one of them. A couple of places to start;
1. If you already have a broker who handles commercial insurance this would be your first conversation.

2. Even if you have that, a second opinion is a good place to start. Do a quick search in an area in a different part of your state. Try and find a similar operation. Call and introduce yourself and see who they use. Since you are not competition they are likeley to gladly make a referral.

3.Typically associations have a ready made policy just for you. Give this a shot;

4. if leasing from a larger operation, I bet they have someone ready and willing to speak with you as well.

Best of luck. Happy to chat further.

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