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My highest intent in connecting with you is to foster a deeper sense of empowerment, responsibility & accountability; collaboration, brotherhood & msisterhood; an overall stewardship and resonant connectedness with yourself, others, and the world around you. To propagate a profound recognition that we each create our own reality, moment by moment, and that we are all co-creating this collective reality together.

From a very early age, I knew I was here to make a difference. I didn't even know it in those terms, but I've always had this keen discernment of what felt good...and what didn't. Regardless of others' influence, it is this discernment which has guided me every step of the way. This is a quality I believe we all inherently possess, yet have all too often been conditioned to ignore. We have been conditioned to ignore who we are, in order that we accommodate the insanity of the world around us.

I am here to mirror you. The real you. There is no one outward experience that brings me greater joy in this life, than BEing of value and service to others in this way. I literally feel an energetic high when it is received that somehow as a mere conduit, I have catalyzed another to gain deeper insight and understanding within themselves. Recognizing that my primary goal has been to develop spiritually, and that outer successes in life would then align, I have lived periods of my life without anything material-- in fact, at one point, I had everything to my name ripped away in an instant.

Getting in touch with our deepest purpose allows for fertile ground from which to grow a truly fruitful life. Our tree will inevitably grow tall, and branch out into some form of service to others. But it first requires deep roots. Just as a seed does before ever breaking through the surface, we must first nourish ourselves from within. Our passions then become crystal-clear, and spring-loaded; passions in my case such as wholistic wellness (I shed 60 lbs, simply eating real food,) writing, filmmaking & photography, composing, producing, and performing music, voice acting (accents in particular) podcasting...and most importantly-- developing an architecture through which I may pass on the guidance and insights I've received, and from which I have gleaned so much of my growth and learning in this life.

What really lights me up is the prospect that in simply being me, I may inspire you to remember and reconnect to the profound within YOU!

Do you want to be at PEACE, TODAY? Because there is only one thing preventing you...


I'm going to let the growing number of testimonials speak for themselves...


"Aaron has given much to me not in material goods but in a life perspective. An appreciation for nature, human interaction, and physical/spiritual/emotional health.

He has knowledge the average person does not possess. Definitely spending an extended amount of time with Aaron.

And as the saying goes, the more you put into it, the more you get out of it."

-Roger Dunn, Medical School Student of Osteopathy, Boston, Massachusetts.

"Aaron has given me my life back with a perspective that only old souls can.
I recommend you take time to listen to his wise words!"

-Monica Tavares, Realtor, Kailua-Kona, Hawai'i

"As a Naturopathic Doctor, I am always desirous to see my clients understand the link between their state of health and the food and drink going into their mouths. What a gift Aaron provides, by taking the guess work out of nutrition and teaching true principles. He literally takes you by the hand and guides you every step of the way! Aaron is a shining example of "You Are What You Eat!" I heartily enforce his Pono approach with food, and in life!"

- Dr. Michelle Johnson, ND, Las Vegas, Nevada

Recent Answers

We are launching a new podcast called Shatter The Matrix, early next month. This has been in the planning stages since October, and has made quantum leaps in refinement since its inception. The single most helpful piece of advice we've really taken to heart is to get absolutely clear on who our avatar is.

Create a whole persona around your ideal user. Really get into their head; figure out who they are, where they are in life, what they want, and give it to them. Even give them a name, just as if you're writing a short story. Get that specific. Know them inside and out.

So often, we think we know what people want. Unless we know exactly who we are targeting, and are thinking like them, this can be a dangerous assumption – as tremendous amounts of time and resources can be put into a project that doesn't yet have a clearly defined end user.

Take the time to get 100% clear on your avatar, and I assure you it will pay off a thousandfold.

Best to you in your launch.

Aloha, aaron-jason

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