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Sales, management, and operations professional. I had a 25-year career with one employer, advancing from inside sales to GM of a billion-dollar business responsible for hundreds of employees and millions of dollars every day. I traveled extensively over 250 days a year, staying in hotels, resorts, private rental homes and flying hundreds of segments. I attended hundreds of meetings, shows and events (The Masters, Superbowl’s, Stanley cups, the World series, NBA championship), concerts and dined at restaurants from no star to five star all over the US. These things have defined me and my abilities, these are not skills or courses you can take to learn, these are life lessons that can only be learned by doing. My experience on paper maybe limited but the places I have been and things I have been a part of are truly unique which makes me an individual like no other and an expert of sales, operations, travel, management, marketing, entertaining, team building, business start ups, and event planning.

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You can't find the best team. The best teams don't just happen because you recruit all of the best skilled people. The one constant you will find if you research the "best teams" is they always have a great leader. A great leader is the key element to the best teams. A great leader can and will make any team great. A great leader will find the strengths and weakness of all people who are part of the team and put them in the position to be their best. The leader doesn't always have to be the "boss" the leader is as the word states the leader of the team. The leader is a person the entire team trusts, supports, believes in, respects and leads by example. There are millions of great team members but very few great leaders, so easiest answer to this question is simply find a great leader and let that leader build the best team.

The idea may work for certain industries but in my experience and the hundreds of trade shows I have attended a large majority of exhibitors the information you truly desire is not visible to the typical attendee which is what this guide would be categorized to be. You need to be identified as one whom who is worthy of the best information or meeting with the right people. This would be a challenge, I do have some ideas on how to overcome this challenge as well as many others, give me a call and we can discuss.

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