Alex BehrensBusiness Development Executive Mgmt. Consultant

Alex Behrens is an experienced Executive Management Consultant delivering strategic business development innovative solutions to high-profile, global organizations. Alex Brings 25 years of experience, Including 15 years of specific focus in private clubs, destination clubs and fractional real estate within the hotel and resort real estate industry. As a leader, Innovating concepts, creating strategies, designing financial models, identifying and planning resources and technologies, Alex manages implementation and execution of these solutions ensuring the successful delivery of bottom line results to his clients. From Start up to established Fortune 500, his work with companies like Six Senses, FAENA, Intrawest, CORE: club, Kee Club, Everlands, Guggenheim Partners, Fairmont Raffles, Goldman Sachs, Universal Studios, New York Presbyterian Hospital and others helped his clients reach their new customer acquisition and retention goals and objectives. His dedication to building social communities of customers for the private clubs, hospitality and real estate industry followed his decade long tenure at Goldman & Sachs where his roles included Vice President of Firm Wide Internet group in the Technology division, Vice President of eLearning in the Human Resources Division and strategic advisor to the firm's Executive Office. Prior to his experience in the world of strategic business solutions and technical implementation, Alex was a mutual funds broker for Bank Indosuez in Paris France. Alex has degrees in Economics from University Paris X and Corporate Law from University Pantheon Sorbonne in France. This gives him a unique understanding of international business and localization issues especially as it pertains to challenges faced by multinational companies. He is fluent in French, German and Spanish. Alex is an accomplished marathoner. He resides in New York City with his children enjoying an athletic lifestyle practicing a balance combination of winter and summer sports.

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Hi ! I agree I do think there is a need for it. Amazon has recently launched its "explorer platform " which is intended to provide the service for Virtual travel, visit , shopping etc... It is still in beta and does not target specific niche market . I have explored the idea and the business model. It it viable with strong potential. Happy to discuss further, feel free to give me a call.
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