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If you wanted to get creative about things and keep your costs down try this.

Dropbox business for $795 a year / unlimited storage

"Embed from Dropbox

The second option requires at least a basic understanding of how HTML embed codes work. It’s not complicated, so don’t be scared off, but it’s also not copy and pasting an embed code from YouTube. You’re essentially creating your own embed code.

You start with the following HTML5 code as a template:

<video width="320" height="240" controls="controls">
<source src="movie.mp4" type="video/mp4" />

Now, follow the steps above on getting the link to the video. Then, where you see “movie.mp4,” you’ll want to replace this with that link. For example:

Next, you’ll want to adjust your width & height. You’ll want to use dimensions that best fit within your site. I use this handy little chart to help me figure out the best size to ensure maximum size compatibility.

When you’re all done, your embed code should look something like this:

<video width="512" height="288" controls="controls">
<source src="" type="video/mp4" />

referenced here

(Full Disclosure I am on the team at BSA)

At we make it really easy for independent publishers and content producers to do exactly what you are trying to achieve.

Check out how easy it is to embed scheduled sponsorships to your site.

We also allow publishers to install a sales widget featured here that combines all the pertinent demo data that Charlie mentioned. ex.

This allows advertisers to schedule and sponsor directly from you.

Make sure your long term strategy is tied into your short terms tactics.

Tactic - method or technique to achieve a immediate short term gain, run ads, sales calls etc.

Strategy- A carefully defined detailed plan to achieve a long term goal. The overall position you would like to achieve.

So not knowing your long term strategy.. I would venture to focus on having your core customers drive that growth.

Referral programs for existing members to recruit new members get discounts / months off etc. (Think Dropbox)

Run a contest based around your current members that would naturally invite them to share that experience.

This article by Ben Chestnut founder of Mailchimp really embraces the strategy of laser focusing in on current customers.

Find apps that are B2B and go to the review sections. Specifically going to Google's play or Chrome store and look at reviews and follow them to Google+ to engage.

I took that same angle for B2C app I was building last year.

Check it out.

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