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A college student ,my studies will end by 2023.
Owned a small shop before entering college but now it is on hold . I wish to share my ideas with those to whom they would be of help.

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You will first do one thing that no one else is going to Support you except your self, and that's confidence . It is and only you . Tell yourself some motivation words like I can, I will, if others can why not me ??

Yeah you did!! You will not believe me if I tell you it is common, a lot of people who seem to be successful ot to have reached their success passed in that stage too.
Let me give you an example starting a business to stand still and grow may be like a toddler starting to stand, trying to walk by wall or when someone holds him but time by time the baby is able to stand all by self and walk alone then run.

And also do this , look around about your customers know exactly what is needed, who, where , when this product/ service is needed, study your market then start marketing to increase awareness of your deeds, think of innovation and creativity too to be able to compete with others. Don't forget to Pray hard at each step asking for guidance and Protection. God I faithful!!

You should know what actually you want to give , who are there in need of your service , know exactly what is needed on the market , where exactly to establish from, then set your goal to achieve. Remember to market your business to make your business known.

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