Ms. Sneha Santosh KanavajeI am a clinical psychologist.

I had done my Master’s in 2017 and after completing this program I enrolled in a short course of hypnosis therapy. That was short term period course but their practice is for one year but I had taken more than year and their time period was March 2018 to Jun 2019. It was great experience I have learn auto hypnosis as well. Then I move on for job search. In December 2019 I have started my job in Cathena Education Pvt. Ltd. as a Clinical Psychologist and I am currently working this Company. We are working on children’s learning disabilities- hyper active, dyslexia, dyscalculia etc. We are working on except children as well and figure out what kind of mental illnesses

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If you have any trouble in job search then you can choose another source for it, please to though with, and linkedin these job apps are best for job search. Even I have been using these apps and my experience is good. Before job search first you update your resume properly then apply for job search.

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