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Are you struggling to sell your own WordPress plugin or theme? Maybe you're just getting started and need to know the first steps? I've been successfully selling plugins and themes for the last 3 years as my primary business and would love to sit down and help you figure out how to create a successful WordPress based business as well. Just click "Request A Call" to get started today. My time is very limited though, so request your call before it's booked up.

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Worst case scenario, sell ads yourself. By doing slideshows this way you're going to be dramatically increasing your view count, which increases the price you can demand from customers. Try for a simple solution to selling ads on your site.

If you're looking to use the new API for WP, there's not gonna be much available at the moment as it's still technically in the works.

I'm not super familiar with the wooCommerce API - but it sure seems like a custom solution would be in order. Something like this would require more work than a beginner might enjoy though.

If I were in your shoes, I'd look to hiring a developer to slap this together for you. This sounds pretty in-depth so it would take you quite a while to get the hang of all the custom databases and things you'd need for a project of this scope.

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