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David Leonhardt has spent the last decade successfully promoting websites - content marketing strategies, blogging, SEO, social media. Prior to that, he was a consumer advocate and media spokesperson, always writing press releases, reports and speeches. He still writes, as that is so much of what is needed to promote websites. Bilingual (English and French), David is a published author who has earned "Distinguished Toastmaster".

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In the Internet Marketing space, you have an opportunity to cash in on fear. Sorry, but it's true. There are a gazillion people hanging their shingle calling themselves SEO and social media specialists. Many are good. Most (especially the cheap ones) are garbage.

Companies that shop around on price actually do themselves a disservice, because they end up pushing their suppliers to cut corners, to automate, etc. Quality suffers.

That has always been the case, and more so now that Google has unleashed the fear of God in website owners, making any Internet marketing risky for companies that value search engine rankings.

I agree with the comment that you don't have to offer special perks; just offer all the same services as everybody else...BUT without the risk. Because you are careful. Because you are quality. because your tactics will stand the test of time. While this is not something you can actually guarantee, it can be a huge differentiator. I no longer take clients for a low price; I simply cannot justify doing a half-ass job for a client, when I know there's a good chance it will blow up in their faces in a year or two. Low quality now carries just too much risk. Sell a risk "lite" service; the companies that can afford a premium service will value the security of their brands, and will pay for that kind of premium service..

I don't know about 100, but my very first three clients came through thought leadership articles. I believe that referrals and SEO kicked in after that for a good mix of sources.

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