Alan EdwardsI help clients to transform their property assets.

i manage building and civil engineering projects on behalf of public and private sector clients including property developments, residential, commercial, retail, office, hotel and infrastructure projects, and I recommend the least risk strategy for early delivery.

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I have tried a few businesses in different sectors and managed to survive and prosper.

Having looked at the pattern of your activities, it seems that your projects fail to find customers on the whole.

Perhaps you should consider (at least to start), selling your services to others who already have clients.

This can generate revenue to keep you going while your business finds a direction.

You can advertize your services on Fiverr and Upwork, and clearly you have technical skills that are in demand in different industries.

If you would like to talk some more about this suggestion and other possible markets for your skills, then give me a call on +447539 141257

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