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You might also consider joining an affiliates program, vs ppc programs where you are working with the advertiser via a company like "Share-A-Sale."

That's a huge question that can only be answered with the "depends" word! But a good way to start is to look at the market. Doing a market analysis to give you an idea about the demand and competitors would be a good way to start.
Then look at your production costs - is this a product you can license, resell, or do you need to create from scratch?
Then, of course, the administrative, setup and foundational needs will be front-loaded, so be prepared.
That's where I would recommend you begin, and that will help to start framing the idea of whether you are talking about $1MM, $100k, or $1k...

I can feel your frustration and I understand. This is a loaded question and I encourage you to go back to your basics. What is your business model and is it not solving the right problem, or is there not a problem to be solved? Perhaps a shift in the model is needed.
If you have researched your model and it's solid, then some research into your prospects to drill down to the problem you are solving would be helpful. That will inform your value proposition.
Unfortunately, this is an undertaking that won't be an easy answer and you likely would not get a lot of volunteers without paying for consulting. Do you have an advisory board? Have you looked into any of the startup accelerator programs? Those may be additional avenues for help.
This is clearly time to buckle down and invest in your business to find the problem and fix it.
All the best!

I think you are looking for a small button to go alongside Facebook and LinkedIn? Great idea!
While this is not an official answer, I would think you could create a button that links to your clarity profile and add it to your site, ie, "Find me on Clarity," depending upon your technical expertise.

What a great idea! Of course, right now at the moment there is probably less demand, the beauty of your service, i am guessing, is that it can be outdoors and somewhat weather resistant. I would encourage you to reach out to event managers and planners with the idea - i feel as though there is something like this with tents, but i don't think i've seen this exact type of full-service approach. Especially not with the added industrial 'cool' factor.
You may run into event spaces that provide this kind of service, so getting to them with the idea to use your service to offer to their clients might be a B2B model worth exploring.
For straight-to-customer approach,

Actually, if you have limited resources, there are many app-builder programs that have templated base apps for you to start with. You customize, add content and launch. I'm involved in building one right now for a client who needs to launch fast and cost-effectively for an event, and we are looking at using this same approach.
While they may not get you all the bells and whistles you want, it's a great way to do a proof of concept or support for an event. Later, you can look to hire a development team to expand on what you've started.
A good place to go to find support is Upwork or other freelance sites like this. Upwork shows other jobs and reviews.
Hope this was helpful - feel free to reach out to me for more help here!

Great question! Many of my startup clients are in the technology space, which is very strong at the moment. Those who are able to support business shifts for Covid are doing well. Others in different verticals are having different challenges.
Sounds like what you provide is a great opportunity to help those companies who are having challenges with managing remote staff.
Let me know if you need assistance in lead generation in your area.

It looks like perhaps you are looking at starting an APP vs an actual food service, am I correct? If that is NOT the case, don't read any further...
If that IS the case, a quick search shows several options for app development, but that is only a small part of what you face. Your biggest challenge will be creating a brand and marketing your service. It's no longer a "build it and they will come" but more of a "serve it, tell it and attract them" model.
Your marketing will need to address two audiences, the food services and the public. Be sure to account for the needs and problems that you are solving for each. Also be sure to have a specific monetization strategy at the start - advertising or PPC are common.
Let me know if you would like to talk more, and hopefully I've understood your question.

Hi - i would first start with your goals. if this is to be a group for your team to interact and share, a system like Teams, Slack or Monday are good alternatives that have cloud interfaces and have a ton of functionality. For more open groups, Facebook groups are pretty robust. Could you tell me a little more about how you want to use the group and the overall goal as that may help define your solution better.

Lead generation is very important - more importantly, being aware of what works best to keep a steady stream of leads coming in to the top of your sales funnel. There are a number of ways to ensure you have leads, but before you get there, it's important that you understand your customer. By creating a thorough persona for your customers, you will have a better idea of how to reach them and what to say to them.
After this foundation is set, there are many different lead generation techniques you can employ. Usually this will involve a content strategy and lead nurture approach that will keep your company top of mind for the moment your lead is ready to convert to a sale. Additionally, by having a content plan, you can give your sales team the support they need when making those connections.
I would be happy to talk with you to better understand your business and help you by laying out a lead generation and lead nurture plan.
Hope this is helpful!

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