Thanh PhamFounder and CEO of Saigon Technology

Thanh strives to deliver successful projects maximising value for the Client by clearly establishing the project objectives and risks, controlling the programs and costs and pro-actively managing the project teams.

Although our professional are from a range of IT Software backgrounds Thanh also seeks to ensure that they are multi-disciplined and that they are appreciative of the larger market picture of both the IT Software industry and of the business of the Clients that Saigon Technology is serving. Thanh is also a proud member of Forbes Technology Council

Skype ID: tienthanh.pham (Thanh Bruce Pham)
Whatsapp: +84 913 666 227
LinkedIn: Thanh Pham Software

Recent Answers

First, please make sure that the offshore software development vendor understands your requirement and setup a right team based on your needs.
Secondly, talk to the team frequently to know their concern and pain points.
Third, if can't change the technology or make more challenges to motivate them, talk to their manager to find the replacement as soon as possible, and do the handover process properly.
You can read more about offshore development guideline here:

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