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Professor Dr Joseph Chikelue Obi GKB MBBS MPH MD DR(AM) FRIPH FIDPO FACSTM FRCAM(Dublin) is Universally Acknowledged to be The World's Most Controversial Medical Doctor (Alive) ; and One of the Most Celebrated (Living) Alternative Medicine Practitioners of Our Modern Clinical Age. His Eclectic Political (and News Media) Profile (Humbly) Speaks Volumes About Him , while His Online Global Network of Affordable Healthcare Initiatives , has (To Date) , Consistently , Safely , Effectively (and Ethically) Offered (Accessible) 24 Hour Help , (and Advice and Guidance) , to Millions (and Millions) of Impoverished Citizens ; in almost 200 (Two Hundred) Countries , Nations , Homelands , Regions and States (So Far). Apart from that , Dr Obi is (Additionally) a Formidable Power-Broker , a Firebrand Warrior , a Prolific Author and a Fearless Innovator. * Experienced Clinician * Expert Health Adviser * Chief Wellness Officer * Fully Licensed * Comprehensively Insured. * Exceedingly Thorough Advice * Highly Connected * Advanced Therapy Courses * Holistic Wellbeing Programmes * Amazing Clinical Strategies. Visit Finally (For The Record) : Apart From (All) That is Included in the Above (About Him) Profile , Please (Furthermore) Be (Rightfully) Advised that Prof Obi is Also Actively , (and Formidably) , Involved in the (Ethical) Professional (and Regulatory) Rehabilitation of Distressed Medical Students , Embattled Medical Doctors and Maverick Medical Professors ; most especially those who have been Probed , Quizzed , Shamed , Humiliated , Victimized , Blackmailed and Disgraced (etc). The Perennial Shortage of National Health Service (NHS) Doctors in the United Kingdom (of Great Britain and Northern Ireland) , most especially due to (Never-Ending) Allegations of Institutional Bias at the General Medical Council (GMC) ; has now become a Major Public Health Hazard , of a Highly Preventable Nature. Alas , Partly Due To (Consistently) Dilute Parliamentary Oversight at Westminster : It is Now Supremely Evident that (Consistently) Unfit UK Medical Regulation (Consistently) Appears to be Making Things (Consistently) Worse. It is Therefore (Fundamentally) Essential for All (Regional and Central) British Governments , (in England , Wales , Scotland and Northern Ireland etc) , to Adequately Support (and Judiciously Rehabilitate) All (Present and Future) UK Medical Professionals , (within their Respective Nations) , Who May (or May Not) have Fallen Short of Prevailing (or Historical) Regulatory (or Academic) Standards ; irrespective of the External Colour of Their Skin. Frequently Importing International Medical Doctors , on an Industrial (Commercial) Scale , from Abroad into the UK , WILL NEVER EVER Solve the (Extremely Alarming) Problem of (Chronic) NHS Doctor Shortages ; most especially when you (Shockingly) have Thousands (and Thousands) of Qualified Medical Doctors who are Already in the UK , but who are Not (Professionally) Working because of Institutional Regulatory Racism. To This Effect (from a Public Health Expert's Point of View) : A Much More Sensible (and Sustainable) Approach would therefore be to Train , Retrain , Retain , Support and Rehabilitate THOSE (COUNTLESS) MEDICAL DOCTORS (AND MEDICAL STUDENTS) WHO ARE ALREADY IN THE UK ; before (Graciously) Looking Elsewhere for Others. * * * * * CASE STUDY ADVICE : PROFESSOR DR JOSEPH OBI AND THE AMAZING MEDICAL STUDENT. 'Student A' was a STAR CANDIDATE , in His Final Year of Medical School , when He Accidentally Enjoyed an Utterly Amazing Avalanche of Rampant Romantic Escapades ; with the Secret (Long Term) Girlfriend of One of His Top Clinical Professors. Although the (Highly Accomplished) Faculty Professor was (Happily) Married with Lovely Kids , He Had (Hitherto) Seriously Depended on the Extremely Beautiful Girl , for (Emergency) Moral (and General Sexual) Support. Since the (No-Nonsense) Professor had Formerly Served as (Honourable) Dean of the Faculty of Medicine , (Distinguished) Provost of the College of Health Sciences , (Renowned) Chief of Surgery , Revered (University) Deputy Vice Chancellor and (Hallowed) National Medical Council Board Chairman ; He was Ultimately a Very (Very) Powerful (Political) Clinical Figure (Indeed). All of a Sudden , the (Hitherto Highly Intelligent) Male Medical Student mysteriously started Failing ALL of His Assessments , plus ALL of His Clinical Attachments , and ALL of His Medical School Exams. His Poor Parents were Totally Distraught , since they had Already Mortgaged their Family Home , simply just to put Him through Medical School , and were (previously) Hoping that He would (rapidly) take over the Monthly (Bank Loan) Payments , as soon as He Graduated. . . . But Worse Things were Still (Yet) to Come . . . A Grand Meeting of Top Medical Doctors was Hastily Convened , and (in His Notable Absence) , it was Universally Decided that He was Not Fundamentally Suitable to Ethically Graduate as a Medical Doctor. . . . So , Without Notice , They (Unceremoniously) Kicked Him Out of Medical School , (in Total Disgrace) , only few months before He was due to Formally Graduate as a Medical Doctor . . . . . . Of Course , the (Rightfully Expensive) Top Lawyers , Senior Barristers and Eminent Solicitors then moved in (En Masse) , Loudly Quoting (Almost) Every Plausible Legal Statute on the Planet on the Student's Behalf ; but No Court (or Tribunal) could ever Overturn his Rustication . . . A Few Years Later , while He was working as a (Part-Time) Pizza Delivery Guy , the Former Medical Student kindly stopped to Help a Tall Black Man ; whose (Outrageously Temperamental) Vintage Mercedes Car had suddenly decided to Go on Strike . . . The (Ex) Medical Student smartly noticed a Few Healthcare Books in the Back of the Car , and so they both started Eagerly Chatting about General Health Topics ; until the Emergency Vehicle Recovery Services eventually arrived to Competently Tow the Classic Merc Automobile away , for Appropriate Mechanical Repairs. After Exchanging Contact Details , the Pizza Delivery Guy went on his Way ; and the Tall Black Chap got a Taxi and Headed Off to his Pre-scheduled Appointment. Throughout their Discussion , the Former Medical Student never ever even Mentioned Medical School at all : He simply presented himself as someone with an Insatiable Interest in Current Healthcare Issues. Eight Months Later , I received an Utterly Disturbing Phone Call from an Excruciatingly Anxious Woman ; who was obviously at the Very End of Her (Human) Tether. Her Only Son had just Attempted to Kill Himself , and She urgently wanted Someone to (Intensely) Talk to Him. She claimed to have (Miraculously) found my Business Card in one of His Old Pizza (Courier) Jackets ; and , (After a Rather Quick Internet Search) , was Extremely Curious as to why He would Secretly have my Professional Card in His Pocket. It Later Emerged that Her Most Precious (and Only) Son had just been Discharged from Casualty (ER) , as a Case of a Patient who was 'Crying for Help'. . . . And Cry Out To Me (For Help) , He (Most Certainly) Did . . . Apparently , Over the Previous 5 Years , His (Ageing) Parents had Unsuccessfully Tried to get Him into Every Medical School in the Country ; as a Final Year Student. Every Time , At the Very Last Minute , His Nemesis (The Super Professor) would Brutally Sabotage Everything , and (Decisively) Block His Efforts. His Poor Parents were Now Destitute (because of Him) , and that was why He sometimes (Half-Heartedly) wanted to End It All. When He had Finished , I Reciprocally Told Him about My Very Own Life Story. At the End of the Talk , He Firmly Realized that there was Still a Glimmer of Hope , Somewhere Out There ; for Him. I Constantly Mentored Him , over the Phone , for the Next 3 Months After That , I frequently sent Him a Few (Current) Medical Books Every (Blessed) Week , to gradually get Him back on Track. When the Time was (Absolutely) Right , I Comprehensively Assessed His (Professional) Clinical Skills ; and then (Carefully) Gave Him (and His Parents) Some Very Bad News (Indeed). The Bad News was that I , the Amazing Professor Dr Joseph Chikelue Obi , had Woefully (and Spectacularly) Failed to find any Accredited Medical School on Earth which was Unreservedly Prepared to Accept Him Back into their Final (Graduating) Year. BUT I DID , HOWEVER , (PATHETICALLY) MANAGE TO CRAFTILY CALL IN A FEW FAVOURS , from Some (Long Lost) Friends of Mine ; who were Perfectly (and Gallantly) Willing to IMMEDIATELY Accept Him directly into their Penultimate Clinical Year (Instead). . . . HIS (LONG-SUFFERING) PARENTS ALMOST FAINTED (OUT OF JOYFUL DISBELIEF) . . . . . . Today , He is a Fully Qualified (and Fully Licensed) Medical Doctor ; who , sometime in the Year 2017 , (Proudly) Purchased a Tiny , Little , (Semi-Dilapidated) , Maisonette Apartment for His (Absolutely Fabulous) Parents . . . . . . Alas , Sadly , The Pretty Young Girl , (Above) , Eventually Dumped the Top Medical Professor , plus All the Rest of Those who somehow happened to (Luckily) Find Themselves on Her Very Long List of (Utterly Besotted) Medical School Boyfriends. She is now the Permanent 'Side-Piece' of a Very , Very , Wealthy Russian Oligarch . . . . . . Unsurprisingly , The Emeritus Super Professor has Still Not Forgiven Me to Date ; and (Most Probably) Never (Ever) Will . . . * * * * * Alternative Medicine Definition | The Gospel According To Professor Obi | What Does Alternative Medicine (Actually and Ultimately) Mean ? " . . . Alternative Medicine is : Every Available (Art-Based or Science-Based or Religious or Hybrid) Approach to either Medicine , Therapy , Research , Care , Regulation , Faith , Spirituality , Learning , Health , Healing , Wellness , Prevention , Detection , Promotion and Wellbeing etc , (whether Holistic or Focused or Standalone or Supportive or Native or Traditional or Otherwise) , which does not Decisively (or Solidly) Fall within the Any of the Fundamental Professional Realms of either Conventional (Orthodox Clinical) Medicine or Conventional (Orthodox Clinical) Advice or Conventional (Orthodox Clinical) Treatment or Conventional (Orthodox Clinical) Health or Conventional (Orthodox Clinical) Care or Conventional (Orthodox Clinical) Detection or Conventional (Orthodox Clinical) Diagnosis or Conventional (Orthodox Clinical) Prevention or Conventional (Orthodox Clinical) Promotion or Conventional (Orthodox Clinical) Therapy or Conventional (Orthodox Clinical) Research or Conventional (Orthodox Clinical) Regulation or Conventional (Orthodox Clinical) Evidence or Conventional (Orthodox Clinical) Learning (et cetera , et cetera , et cetera) . . ." * * * * * INTERNATIONAL REGULATORY AFFAIRS : AFRICAN TRADITIONAL MEDICINE (ATM) While Chinese Traditional Medicine is Already (Fully) Operational (and Widely Promoted) in ALMOST EVERY KNOWN COUNTRY of the World ; not much is really (presently) happening in terms of African Traditional Medicine (ATM) , most especially outside the Hallowed Continental Boundaries of Africa. As Professor-in-Chief of the Alternative Medicine Campaign , Doctor Joseph Chikelue Obi Primarily Aims to (Formidably , Ethically , Swiftly , Globally , Professionally , Commercially , Academically , Holistically , Sustainably and Otherwise) Roll Out , an Appropriate International Avalanche , of Expert Interventional Strategies ; for Robustly Rectifying this (Utterly Alarming) Oversight. Official List of Countries where African Traditional Medicine (ATM) is Already (Fully) Operational : Angola Benin Botswana Burkina Faso Burundi Cameroon Cape Verde Central African Republic Chad Comoros Republic of the Congo Democratic Republic of the Congo Côte d’Ivoire Djibouti Egypt Equatorial Guinea Eritrea Ethiopia Gabon The Gambia Ghana Guinea Guinea-Bissau Kenya Lesotho Liberia Libya Madagascar Malawi Mali Mauritania Mauritius Morocco Mozambique Namibia Niger Nigeria Rwanda São Tomé and Príncipe Senegal Seychelles Sierra Leone Somalia South Africa South Sudan Sudan Swaziland Tanzania Togo Tunisia Uganda Western Sahara Zambia Zimbabwe Official List of European Countries where African Traditional Medicine (ATM) is Not Yet (Fully) Operational : Albania Andorra Austria Belarus Belgium Bosnia and Herzegovina Bulgaria Croatia Cyprus Czech Republic Denmark Estonia Finland France Georgia Germany Greece Hungary Iceland Republic of Ireland Italy Latvia Liechtenstein Lithuania Luxembourg Republic of Macedonia Malta Moldova Monaco Montenegro Netherlands Norway Poland Portugal Romania Russia San Marino Serbia Slovakia Slovenia Spain Sweden Switzerland Turkey Ukraine United Kingdom Vatican City Official List of South American Countries where African Traditional Medicine (ATM) is Not Yet (Fully) Operational : Argentina Bolivia Brazil Chile Colombia Ecuador French Guiana Guyana Paraguay Peru Suriname Uruguay Venezuela Official List of Asian (Eastern , Far Eastern , and Middle Eastern) Countries where African Traditional Medicine (ATM) is Not Yet (Fully) Operational : Afghanistan Armenia Azerbaijan Bahrain Bangladesh Bhutan Brunei Cambodia China Taiwan East Timor India Indonesia Iran Iraq Israel Palestine Japan Jordan Kazakhstan Kuwait Kyrgyzstan Laos Lebanon Malaysia Maldives Mongolia Myanmar Nepal North Korea Oman Pakistan Philippines Qatar Russia Saudi Arabia Singapore South Korea Sri Lanka Syria Tajikistan Thailand Taiwan Turkey Turkmenistan United Arab Emirates Uzbekistan Vietnam Yemen Official List of Oceanic (Pacific) Countries where African Traditional Medicine (ATM) is Not Yet (Fully) Operational : Australia New Zealand Fiji Papua New Guinea Solomon Islands Vanuatu Kiribati Marshall Islands Micronesia Nauru Palau Samoa Tonga Tuvalu Official List of Central American Countries where African Traditional Medicine (ATM) is Not Yet (Fully) Operational : Antigua and Barbuda Bahamas Barbados Belize Cayman Islands Costa Rica Cuba Dominica Dominican Republic El Salvador Grenada Guatemala Haiti Honduras Jamaica Nicaragua Panama Puerto Rico Saint Kitts and Nevis Saint Lucia Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Trinidad and Tobago Turks and Caicos Official List of North American Countries where African Traditional Medicine (ATM) is Not Yet (Fully) Operational : Canada Mexico United States of America (USA)

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Unfortunately : There is no simple answer to this particular question ; most especially without further (much more detailed) additional information.

Generally Speaking : There are almost 50 (or so) different classes of Polyquaternium Compounds , which are currently listed as being 'Acceptable' for use in Cosmetic Formulations (as per INCl Research).

However : The appearance of a particular Chemical in an 'Acceptable Substances List' of the International Nomenclature for Cosmetic Ingredients , (INCI) , does not necessarily mean that it is Totally Safe (let alone 'Without Blemish').

Concerning Polyquaternium-18 : I would strongly suggest that you duly seek Expert Professional Guidance , specifically from a Qualified Clinical Toxicologist.

Polyquaternium Compounds fundamentally tend to have rather substantial amounts of Ammonium Ions in them ; and I (personally) am not really a Very Big Fan of such 'Ammonium-Based' Cosmetic Ingredients.

Whatever The Case : (Please) Tread (Quite) Carefully.

Good Luck !

* * * * * * *

Professor Obi

Happy New Decade !

Hearty Congratulations , on your (Absolutely Amazing) Trichological Invention.

Do Therefore Feel (Perfectly) Free to Contact Me (Anytime) ; about this particular African (Afro-American) Hair Care Product.

We already have a (Rock Solid) Global Manufacturing (and International Marketing) Strategy in place ; specifically for such Products.

Sincerely ,

Professor Obi

Happy New Year (2020) !

There are , (Generally Speaking) , 2 Major Ways for an Introvert Founder , (with an Excellent Product or Service) , to (Substantially) Boost (or Improve) Sales :

* Option 1 : The Introvert Founder should Urgently Seek Expert Professional Guidance ; on How to (Gradually) Become (Considerably) Less Introvert.

Kindly Contact Me ; for Further Details , about this.


* Option 2 : The Introvert Founder should Urgently Hire a Dedicated Battalion of Trustworthy Extroverts ; to competently do all of the Frontline Publicity Work for Him (or Her).

Kindly (Also) Call Me ; for Further Details , about this.

Whatever the Case : Every Human Being is Fundamentally Unique.

Alas : We cannot all be as Amazing as , (the One and Only) , Sir Richard Branson !

Sincerely ,

Professor Obi

Happy New Year (2020) !

. . . Relax . . .

. . . Please Be Patient with the New Owners . . .

. . . I am Exceedingly Confident that they will soon be Breathing Lots (and Lots) of New Life into this Site . . .

Although it is not my place to Tell Them how to run their Affairs ; I Personally Think that the following steps could (ultimately) be quite beneficial :

* Provision of (10% Commission - Based) White Label Options to their Experts ; so that the Experts could then each rebrand their various Websites according to their very own taste.

* Automatically providing Each Expert (and Each Client) with a 10% (Commission-Based) Affiliate Sales Link ; to Ultimately Boost the Generation of New Business.

* The Appointment of Someone Fabulous , Like Me ; to Carefully Oversee such Highly Innovative Changes (on a 10% 'Profit-Related' Remuneration Package).


Professor Obi

Happy New Year (2020) !

Every Human Being is (Fundamentally) Unique.

As Such : Different Clients will (almost) always have rather Different Requirements.

Whatever the Case : Nobody should ever suddenly (just) rush into 'Body-Building' ; most especially without Proper Professional Healthcare Advice , fully inclusive of Proper Psychological Assessments.

It is perfectly possible to build quite a lot of Muscle Mass , using Very Simple Techniques and Readily Available Wholefoods ; either at Home , or under Direct Supervision from Qualified Fitness Instructors at a Local Gymnasium.

We cannot all look like Arnold Schwarzenegger !


Professor Obi

. . . Wow . . .

. . . Amazing . . .

. . . You Did Well . . .

. . . Tell Us More . . .


Professor Obi

. . . Happy New Decade . . .

Try searching for Sir Bob Geldof ; on the Internet.

. . . ( Yes : The Former Boomtown Rat ! ) . . .

Apparently : His Ethical Investment Vehicle is currently dishing out (Hundreds of) Millions of Dollars ; to Sustainable African Enterprises.

Whatever the Case : Please Always Remember to (Regularly) Send Me My (Big Fat) Future Dividend Cheques ; most preferably via DHL !


Professor Obi

Happy New Year (2020) !

As far as I am aware : (Both) PayPal and Stripe still have Multiple Currency Options ; most especially for Verified Business Accounts.

If you are experiencing problems , in this regard , then kindly contact the Customer Support Units of the Aforementioned Corporations.

Sincerely ,

Professor Obi

Happy New Year (2020) !

Do Feel (Perfectly) Free to Contact Me ; for a (Legally-Compliant) Professional Promotion Strategy.

Sincerely ,

Professor Obi

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