Germán de la RocheEntrepreneur, Combat Veteran

Entrepreneur, Combat Veteran, Clarity Expert, experienced in Commodities & Securities Trading, Finance, Risk Management, Security Operations, Emerging Markets, Sales, Management, Startups. Founder of Roche Global Risk Group, Inc. Germán served in the US military. Germán de la Roche was Founder & CEO of Arch Investment Conferences, Inc. Before launching Arch, he was Senior Vice-President of Wall Street Reporter Magazine in New York. As a Series 3 Licensed Broker Germán founded and was Executive Vice-President of EnergyBrokers, Inc., a risk management and commodity futures brokerage firm based in New York. Germán's commodities background includes experience in Pakistan , Thailand and other emerging markets. His experience in derivatives includes risk analysis, risk finance, trading, and brokerage operations. German has been featured on REFCO's MarketVoice for his expertise in emerging markets across Africa, the Middle East, and Latin America. Interviewed for ABCNews This Week, featured in multiple publications for his experiences in Afghanistan. Specialties: Political/Military/Economic Risk Management, Investing, Publishing, Energy, Writing, Defense/Military

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I would disagree with the premise that "big data" isn't being converted into valuable information. Modern advertising is being driven by exactly this ability. The problem lies not with the information, or lack thereof, but with the decision makers. Lack of vision at both the strategic and tactical levels of decision, fear of change, among other things are at the root of the problem.

Unless the asset being acquired is of significant value/scale, these kind of structured agreements should be avoided. Without more information difficult to say best route for you.

No, focus on what you do well and do it. Find, recruit, grow a team that can support and cover the knowledge gaps, especially if you are already stretched thin. Do not reinvent the wheel.

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