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Attention Coaches, Consultants, Entrepreneurs and Anyone Who Wants to Improve Their Sales: Sales Trainer, Sales Coach, Business Consultant and Recent #1 Best Selling Author Wants to Share His Secrets to Closing More High End Sales So You Can Double and Even Triple Your Business and Sales and Earn an Additional 5, 6 or 7 Figures in 2014! Speak with Preston Rahn today and let him help you create your Sales and Marketing Business Blueprint so you can quickly and easily create and close more high end clients that are ready, willing and able to say YES and pay your fees. Do you ever wonder how some coaches, consultants and entrepreneurs seem to have it all? They have all the leads. They close more sale. They get more people to say yes to their high end offers. And to top it off they have a bank account that rivals professional athletes. Have you ever wondered how they do it and more importantly, how YOU can do it too? I want to personally take you inside and behind the scenes of how some of the biggest experts in the world create all the high quality clients they can handle and live their ideal lifestyle in the process. And then I'm going to show you how YOU can accomplish the same thing by modeling what they do. My name is Preston Rahn and most people call me "The High End Closer" because I'm the one they call on when they need a high end sales closer for their high end programs, products and services. You see, I've been working personally behind the scenes helping experts improve their sales process and even taking on leads and personally closing deals for them. I've been in the trenches doing exactly what I teach, so I know what works now and can guarantee that I can help you improve your sales process so you can close more of your high end deals too. I've helped experts in many different industries and fields like Glenn Dietzel, Ken McArthur, Richard Weiler, Margaret Lynch, Lindsay Wilson, and many others and I'm confident that I can help you too! I've co-authored the #1 Best Selling Book, "The New Rules of Success" which hit #1 Best Seller Status the day we launched with some of the worlds leading experts in their field. I believe that developing your sales process is THE most important thing you can do to improve your business. I also believe that it's the BIGGEST secret that's hiding in plain sight and once you understand the process and make some tweaks to what you are already doing then you can have more time, more money, and more freedom to do what you want, when you want to do it. You see, working with many experts the SECRET I've discovered is actually very simple and the secret within the secret is that we tend to over complicate things when it's actually very simple. The secret I discovered is how these experts create their sales and marketing funnels that generate high quality leads and the process they use to turn those leads and prospects into high quality paying clients. And get this... This simple and powerful lesson is what every expert on the planet has done to create their success, fame and fortune. And it's what YOU need to do as well. My mission is to help you see the opportunity you have to double and even triple your sales and business by helping more of the people that want and need your help in your area of expertise so they can improve, become better and make an impact with what they do. I want to help you enroll more people into your High End programs, products and services. Unfortunately, there are hundreds and thousands of coaches, consultants and entrepreneurs that really NEED this and there's only one of me and I can only work with a very small number of them at one time. I want to give you a hand with developing and improving your High End Enrollment Sales Process and want you to allow me to help you achieve your goals for your business so you can become and live your own expert lifestyle too. I have a few days open this week and I've blocked off 30 exclusive one-on-one meeting times to go over your goals, your sales and marketing process and to help you come up with a plan that you can take and implement into your business so you can close more deals and make more money too. In this "Double Your Sales" private strategy session I'll show you exactly what you need to do to double or even triple your sales. I'll personally evaluate your marketing and sales funnel and I GUARANTEE that I will give you at least 1 strategy, that if you take action and implement, will double or triple your sales and business. These 30 one-on-one "Double Your Sales" Strategy Sessions will last approximately 60 minutes and will also book up very fast. Normally I charge $500 for these private sessions but I've decided to waive this fee for you if you're one of the first 30 who respond now from this site. To schedule your one-on-one "Double Your Sales" private strategy session by Friday December 6th email me at I work by application and invitation only and these 30 strategy sessions will be claimed on a first come first serve basis and must be scheduled by Friday December 6th if you want to avoid my normal $500 fee and get at least one strategy that could double or triple your sales. The only way to see how you can be our next success story and go through the Close Deals Fast success system is to take action, respond and claim your session by emailing me at now. I look forward to meeting you and cannot wait to help you transform your business and life. Talk with you soon! Preston Rahn PS. If you want to transform your business today, then I recommend you take advantage of this opportunity to schedule your one-on-one "Double Your Sales" private strategy session, get on the phone and have a conversation so you can make more sales and enroll more people into your programs, products and services by emailing me now at

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There are three prices, low mid and high. Most people will be in the low to mid ranges and very few will be at the high end. I ALWAYS price myself to be the BEST and the best costs more. I'd say package your prices into a high end rate and a mid tier rate. This way you can give options and say I recommend this package which do you want. Then you can let them sell themselves on what they want or even use your lower price as a down sell to your higher price.

Most people are scared to price high and want to stay competitive. That's a bunch of BS. There's always going to be a high end rate so why not have that be YOU? I'd say have like a $10k package as your low end and then a $25k or $50k package as your high end. Then position yourself as the best in front of your ideal audience.

Don't let price get in your way and scare you, people who know they get what they pay for will hire you and it's not about price. Price is never the reason people don't hire you, it's value. If you show the value then how can the NOT hire you at those rates because it won't cost them a penny.

Show them ROI and COI. ROI is Return on Investment but COI is Cost of Inaction. What's it costing them to NOT hire you now at those rates. I coach people on this all the time and it's just a fear they have. Fear of the unknown is what keeps people where they are undercharging and undervaluing their services.

You have a choice as to where to be in the market place. Have confidence in yourself and your services. Where do you choose to be? Where everyone else is or to separate yourself as the best?

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